Pinning Front Folds On Head

Doll Tutorial Picture 09

  • Begin pinning the fabric down, starting with the front of the head. If you can, pin the cloth to ball (red pearl pin). I picked this jingle ball because the pattern of the holes allowed me to go through the ball and secure the fabric to the ball itself with long pins (the blue glass pin at the nape of the neck is securing the ball to keep it from moving).
  • Fold the front of head toward back and pin (red pearl pin); fold either side (from toward the front, at about 45 o from the front, rather than 90 o) over toward centre and back, making sure that the overlap covers the edge of front fold (red matte and blue pearl pins pins).
  • If you can't pin through the ball, hold the fabric from the front of the head down tightly and carefully fold over the first two folds of fabric and pin.
  • I find it simpler to pin the front and front-sides down and sew them before pinning and sewing down the back.



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