Arms (Option 1)

Doll Tutorial Picture 19

There are two ways to do the arms, here is Option 1...

  • This is a good option if your scrap wasn't big enough to cut a 7cm (2 3/4") wide strip off for arms but have some smaller scraps. It does also make the arms able to move easily in a greater range of directions, but is not as secure. This particular arm arrangement is based on a different but similar doll.
  • Cut two arms about 10 cm (4") long x 7 cm (2 3/4"), fold in half; sew long sides and one end on each.
  • Turn inside in and stuff almost to the top; fold in the edges of the opening and whip stitch it closed. You can curve the end if you want.

    Option 2 begins on Page 22.



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